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Raising Awareness Through Artistic Expression

Hanneke van der Hout-Floor, like many other people, learned about the incredible journey of LWF Founder Laura de Haseth Meddens through an article in a local newspaper on the island of Curaçao. And like many people, she was moved enough by what Laura and Wagner and the Foundation are trying to achieve that she wanted to help in some way. And so she took pencils and pastels in hand and has been sketching portraits to raise funds for the Laura And Wagner Foundation.


As she states on her website, art has been her passion for over 40 years under her professional name J.C. Floor, and she has truly been a citizen of the world. Born in the Netherlands, Hanneke has lived and traveled through many countries , always inspired by people, cultures and nature. Her paintings, ceramics and sculptures reflect her journeys through Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Norway and many other places, including the island she and her husband now call home . . . Curaçao.


Laura and the members of the Board of Directors of The Laura And Wagner Foundation are grateful for Hanneke's initiative and the funds she is raising, but most appreciate the awareness she is raising. If you would like to commission a portrait in support of The Laura And Wagner Foundation, you can call Hanneke at +599 9 888 6002 or email . You can also make inquiries about purchasing other pieces of her art at the same number and email address.

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