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> H1N1 TO EXPLODE: WHO says under-equipped developing nations at greatest risk

> WARNING ABOUT H1N1 TESTS: CDC study finds quick-test kits wrong at least half the time

> WARNING ABOUT TAMIFLU FOR KIDS: Little help and side-effects may outweigh benefit

 *HealthCare Reform: What's In It For Disabled Persons?
As US President Barack Obama fights a very strong and partisan campaign of misinformation by the Republicans , the White House issues a series of reality checks, including busting the myth that one part of the House bill puts off care for the disabled for further study. Ongoing coverage here.

Disabled Woman Bullied At Healthcare Town Hall Meeting

Townhall meetings across the United States on the subject of Healthcare and Insurance Reform have degenerated into partisan shouting-matches, largely due to the presence of bused-in Republican disrupters who simply try to drown out any discussion or debate. A new low for these meetings was set when the crowd shouted down a wheelchair-bound woman with "two incurable auto-immune diseases" who, in their minds, obviously had the gall to ask a question. Read more here.

The Lighter Side Of The US HealthCare Debate

From The Huffington Post on the Healthcare Reform Town Hall Meetings that have been turned into screaming shoutfests:

'The disruptions have even led to outbreaks of violence and death threats to groups participating in the events.

Of course, these folks are not acting out on their own, but
getting their misinformation from leaders such as Sarah Palin who insists Obama's plan includes "death panels," and Rush Limbaugh who said that "Obama's health care logo"
(which does not yet exist) looks like a swastika.'

Jon Stewart takes on these uprisings. Watch here >>

*Obama: New Hope For The Disabled
US President Barack Obama nominates internationally recognized disability-rights leader Kathy Martinez for Asst. Secretary for the Office of Disability Employment Policy. Martinez, blind since birth, brings a wealth of experience and an impressive track record. Ongoing coverage here.
*Obama: New Hope From Stem Cells
There is Breaking News on US President Obama reversing the Stem Cell policy of the Bush administration as well as about results achieved through stem cell implant operations on two boys who've regained vision, plus advances in other conditions. You can find ongoing coverage here.
*PETA vs Guide Dogs: Ignorant Activist 'Truth-Bombed'
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) receives a torrent of criticism after one of its VP's supports guide dogs for the deaf but not for the blind or visually impaired. Daphna Nachminovitch makes many ill-informed and ignorant comments. The full story here.
*An Eye For An Eye: Woman Blinded by Acid Wants Justice
An Iranian woman demands the ancient Islamic punishment of "an eye for an eye" for the man who blinded her, to prevent it from happening to someone else. Read more on the story and related coverage on domestic violence against disabled women in our Issues section here.
*Disabled Humor: Satire vs Scorn - Who Draws The Line?
Persons with disabilities have a sense of humor like anyone else, but do
recent examples of President Obama, 'Saturday Night Live' and even 'The
Apprentice' make it painfully clear that we've got some sensitivity training to do. Read more on this debate in our Issues section here.
*Remembering Ben: The Blind Boy Who Could 'See'
Ben Underwood's story has been featured on our website for some time and it's with great sadness we report on his passing. Ben's journey inspired people around the world, from the cancer that robbed him of his eyes as a toddler, to his self-discovery of 'echolocation'. Read our tribute here.