Stem Cells & Hearing Loss
  Cells grown from mice offer hope 
  of eventual cure for deafness

  Scientists have used stem cells
  from mice to grow special hair
  cells in the inner ear that, when
  damaged, cause 60 - 90% of
  hearing loss and also contribute
  to tinnitus, which is a ringing
  sensation in the ears.


  The Heart Loves Chocolate
  New long-term study shows dark
  chocolate is good for your heart

  Chocolate lovers have reason to eat
  more of their favorite treat as more
  than a few studies show benefits to
  the wellbeing of the heart, liver
  and even for stroke victims. One
  study found the risk of heart attack
  and stroke was reduced by 40%.


  Blind Driver Speed Record
  A pop singer from Turkey has set a
  new speed record for a blind driver

  Metin Senturk drove a Ferrari at an
  average speed of 181 miles per
  hour at an airport in eastern
  Turkey. He was followed in another
  car by former rally driver Volkan
  Isik, who gave him instructions via
  an earpiece inside his helmet.






 Study: Fish Oil May Slow Genetic Aging      
 Researchers at the University of California San Francisco followed over 600
 men with heart disease and found those taking the most omega-3 fatty
 acid fish oil supplements appeared 'biologically younger.

 Read more at ABC >>

 Harry Potter Author Protests Cage Beds      
 A letter from author JK Rowling lambasting the Czech Republic's ongoing
 use of cage beds in
social care homes for children with severe mental and
 physical disabilities is having an impact following a BBC exposé.

 Read more at BBC News >>

 Diabetic Contact Lens Measures Glucose      
 Nanoparticles play a major part in contact lenses developed by  bio-
 chemical engineer in Canada that change color in response to changes

 in the wearer's blood glucose levels.

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 Holding The Salt Shows Dramatic Benefits      
 Close to 100,000 heart attacks could be prevented by cutting out just
 3 grams of salt per day from the average 10 grams (2 teaspoons) of

 salt most people consume on a daily basis.

 Read more at CBS News >>


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