The Issues At The Heart Of Laura And Wagner's Mission

Laura and Wagner have undertaken a mission to lobby for the enactment of Equal Access legislation in Curaçao, the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands to end discrimination against disabled people who rely on guide dogs/assistance dogs for their mobility.

Such laws have been in existence in a number of countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and make it illegal to refuse access to a disabled person and their service animal. As you'll learn from the other material on this website, we have a long way to go to protect the rights and integrity of such individuals.

(You can learn more about the existing laws at this website thanks to the hard work of Peter Donahue in San Antonio, Texas.)

In the index of our Issues section on the left side of this page, you'll encounter emerging and evolving issues related to children and adults around with the world who are living with various disabilities.

Some of these issues challenge our conventional way of looking at things, while others may just leave you scratching your head in disbelief that they are even an issue in 2009.
Whatever your reaction to them, you're welcome to share your comments with us by sending an email to

The Power to Overcome Injustice and Inequality

Laura and Wagner's mission is, as Dorothy Thompson writes, 'about having the power to overcome injustice and inequality', much of which is spawned by ignorance . . . ignorance about the special challenges facing people with disabilities.

Part of that power is possessing the determination  not to settle for less and the dedication to wipe out such ignorance by raising awareness so that each man, woman and child treat each other with equal respect regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Laura de Haseth Meddens  has become a champion for those who have previously been shunted aside by society into a cloistered realm of diminished expectations and  equally minimized opportunities.

Laura is also an advocate for patient rights and informed consent after having lost much of what was 100% vision to medical negligence. Even after a remarkable amount of her vision was restored, much of it was again lost because of further doctor negligence.

That she has refused to be marginalized is a testament to her remarkable spirit, her courage in the face of astonishing discrimination, and her determination and perseverance in a mission to be an agent of positive social change for people with disabilities everywhere.

We hope you that you enjoy your journey to awareness via the story of Laura and Wagner and the ongoing challenges they face together in breaking down barriers and opening doors for people with disabilities.

As Laura says, "there is so much more to life, and there is so much more to each and every one of us, if you only take the time to see".

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