Despite the existence of anti-discrimination laws in many countries for decades, you might be shocked to learn how often persons with disabilities still encounter demeaning and thoughtless people who can be very hurtful or marginalizing because of their attitudes, actions or words. Laura and Wagner continue  to face challenges in gaining access to all the places non-disabled persons go because of someone doesn't
know or validate the role of service animals such as guide dogs.

See and hear from the participants in our ABLED fundraising evening presentation as they explain what
it is that can make them 'feel' disabled.

Edsel Estanista
Optic nerve damaged caused
serious visual impairment for
this Curaçao lawyer. He finds
it disabling when people try
to be 'too' helpful.

Ellis Rothweiler
Diabetes claimed a good bit
of one leg but not the spirit
of this Curaçao artist. She
thinks some people make too
many cruel judgments.

Daniel Kish
Daniel lost his eyes to retinal
cancer at 13 months. As he
got older he taught himself
echolocation. He sometimes
feels disabled by retailers.

Mike May
Blinded at 3, Mike has been a
record-setting downhill skier
and assistive tech pioneer. He
regained sight via stem cells
but disabling words still hurt.

Learn how some other people are trying to change attitudes about disabilities and the persons who live with them. And then be sure to read about our other Special Reports series about the Abuse of the Disabled and how it's occurring with more disturbing frequency.


More information is in the process of being added, including the video interviews with Laura, Edsel Estanista, Ellis Rotweiler, Daniel Kish and Mike May. Please check back often as they are added. And visit the Spirit/People page in our new Wellness section for more about Daniel Kish, and the Spirit/Video page to learn more about Mike May.