Diabetes Drugs Discredited
  Blood pressure & cholesterol drugs
  deemed more harmful than helpful


 Massive Salmonella Alert
 Contaminated flavor enhancer starts
 a flood of voluntary recalls


 Soda Fountain Warning
 Study finds most drink dispensers
 Squirting fecal bacteria

  Tylenol Recall Expanded
  Moldy smell has made some people
  sick | Affected lots sold in Curaçao   


  Osteoporosis Rx Alert
  Fosomax under scrutiny for possible
  link to reports of broken femurs


 Diabetes Rx Heart Risk
 FDA advises patients not to stop
 Avandia, pending more tests


JUST IN: Suffocation Risk Spurs Baby Sling Recalls In N.A., UK  & EU

Fabric infant carriers made by Infanto are being recalled in several countries after reports that the deaths of three babies, all under four months of age, in the United States occurred in these slings.

The California-based maker of the 'SlingRider' carriers has recalled a million units in the U.S., 15,000 in Canada, more than 10,000 in the UK and up to 14,000 across Europe. Infanto has urged customers to stop using the product immediately and return it for a free replacement.


  LEAD-POISONING ALERT: New study suggests risk could lurk in kitchen spice racks

 CELLPHONE RADIATION ALERT: Is your cellphone safe? Check the radiation report card

 ARTIFICIAL HIP WITHDRAWN: A Johnson & Johnson unit cites high early failure rate