The 'About' Directory

This is the directory where you can find more information about Laura and Wagner, and the remarkable circumstances that brought them together, and the even more remarkable journey they have embarked on to end the social isolation of disabled people in Curaçao and the Netherlands Antilles.

They are 'Opening Eyes and Opening Doors' everywhere they go as they lobby for an access law that will allow all disabled people who rely on a guide or assistance dog for their mobility to go everywhere non-disabled people go.

But that's not the only part of the mission.

What makes these service animals so special, and why are people with disabilities still facing discrimination in Curaçao, Amsterdam and other 'civilized' nations and cities?

You'll find many answers as you browse through this website. We hope that you'll become more aware of these and other issues facing people with disabilities and come to see how important the option of freedom of mobility and access is to the integrity of each and every one of us, whether we are disabled or not.

Then we hope you'll be motivated to sign the petition, sponsor or donate to Laura and Wagner's mission.

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