Using Technology To Make Life More ABLED

The Laura And Wagner Foundation
helps develop an innovative system
that will create new learning and
employment options for persons
with sensory, physical or learning
disabilities in Curaçao.   

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Stevie Wonder and visually-impaired
tech pioneer Mike May call on all
'gadget designers' to quit leaving all
blind and low vision consumers out
of the mix with touchscreen phones
and other touch-enabled devices.        

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Deaf & hearing impaired consumers
will soon have their own gadget that
will translate text into sign language.
The pocket 'Sign Language Translator
by Krown' will be available sometime
this year priced around $200.

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Even before Stevie Wonder and visually-impaired tech pioneer Mike May spoke out at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas about how developers of devices with touch-screens are leaving blind and visually impaired consumers behind, The Laura And Wagner Foundation (LWF) has been partnered in an initiative that will bring easier Internet and digital accessibility for children, teens and adults who are blind or low-vision, or who have limited range of motion physical abilities, or who struggle with dyslexia, color blindness, learning disabilities or illiteracy.

The Laura and Wagner Foundation's ABLED Initiative is developing a digital 'ecosystem' of software and devices that will make it easier for persons with sensory, physical and learning disabilities to use mobile phones, computers, the Internet and other technology for better communication, navigation, learning and employment opportunities. This includes the development of learning materials that are better suited to the special needs of disabled and economically disadvantaged students left behind by the 'digital divide'.


As part of our 'Master Plan' for Curaçao, this system will also create new economic benefits in the sectors of Commerce, Communications, Education, Technology, Tourism and Wellness as the ABLED Initiative expands to provide the same benefits to persons with disabilities around the world. Read more about it here and watch a video preview of it here.

You can also click here or on the frame below to view our "DisAble The Dis" PSA (Public Service Ad) which is designed to raise awareness about how 'disabling' our attitudes can be towards people who can't see as well, hear as well, move as well or learn as easily as the rest of us. Please share it with all your contacts.


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