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The Laura and Wagner Foundation presents special coverage of the catastrophic earthquakes that struck the island of Haiti and the coast of Chile and their impact on persons with disabilities in both countries.

In disasters like these, it is a sad fact that persons with disabilities are often the first to die. Thousands of people will now face a lifetime of disability, if they survived, because of overwhelmed medical systems that are unable to treat the crush injuries of broken bones, and disease-related disabling health conditions that result from earthquake disasters.


HAITI : The Necessity To Rebuild Attitudes Towards The Disabled As Amputations Rise

Prior to the January 12th earthquake, it was estimated that about 800 thousand people in Haiti were living with a disability.  Conditions for them were already a nightmare and many disabled babies and children were abandoned in sewers and in the streets.

We have compiled coverage from a number of sources that will track the fate of disabled persons of all ages in Haiti as recovery efforts evolve, and also let you know how you can contribute to the aid effort through reliable organizations.

In Curaçao, contributions to the Red Cross/Krus Kora Korsou can be made at any local bank. UTS, Digicel and Scarlet have reduced their tariffs by 50% for calls to Haiti and it is possible to donate to Haiti relief by texting the world HELP to 4357 via UTS, and by texting HELP to 5151 via Digicel.

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