Sometimes the stories that reflect or have impact on persons with disabilities, or on our individual and collective wellness are more complex and have more layers than can be explained in a single headline or

For that reason, this is where you'll find the topics that require a more in-depth approach to fully understand all the issues and nuances than can propel us forward in advancing inclusion and equality as basic rights that no human being should ever have to beg for.


Persons with disabilities are already, statistically, the most at risk of being physically, mentally, sexually or financially abused and recent media coverage has detailed an increasing incidence of violent hate crimes against the most vulnerable in society.

It is there that our series of Special Reports begins. We hope you visit often as new content is added, and also hope you will add your voice about your own experiences, or those of someone you know or simply offer your thoughts on our coverage by writing to us at .



  Abuse Of The Disabled
  Pope under fire for ignoring abuse at
  Catholic institutions for the disabled

  Institutional abuse of the disabled is
  only one form of the horrible ways
  the most vulnerable in society are
  subjected to ongoing abuse. Persons
  with disabilities are also becoming
  the target of hate crimes & disabled
  kids are being bullied at school.


  Disabled Attitudes
  Our series on Disabled Attitudes and
  the efforts to 'Disable the 'Dis'     

  Coping with a sensory, physical or
  learning disability can be difficult
  enough, but can also be even more
  frustrating because of the 'disabling'
  attitudes of others. In this series,
  Laura Meddens interviews several
  disabled persons about this.

 Haiti / Chile Earthquakes
 Crush injuries trigger thousands of
 amputations and a crisis of disability

  In a country where babies born
  with a disability are abandoned in
  the streets and sewers, a new
  attitude towards the disabled will
  need to be part of the rebuilding
  effort in Haiti, which trails Chile
  in its support for the disabled.


 Growing Up Different
  Scientific American's New Frontiers
  series @ PBS highlights disabilities

  Alan Alda brings new insights into
  the challenges faced by persons who
  are living with a disability. This 2001
  series stands the test of time by
  opening our eyes to some incredible
  people coping with extraordinary
  circumstances & what they teach us.


  Patient Voices: Autism
  This New York Times series lets us
  hear directly from the 'patients'  

  Autism can mean many things, and
  is sometimes a far too simplistic
  label for persons who live with a
  condition that can range from mild
  to severe. Judy Endow, in the photo
  above, is an autism consultant who
  was, herself, diagnosed as autistic.

 US Health Care & Disability
 What will Health Care Reform mean
 for 52 Million disabled Americans?

  In the same way political debates
  over health care reform have been
  fueled by partisan divisions and
  rhetoric, the debate over the fate
  of millions of persons living with a
  disability have suffered the same
  fate. We try to sort things out.


  H1N1 Flu Center
  Is this flu still a threat and is there
  a danger of disability from it?

  The worst appears to have passed
  from the fears of this flu which has
  also been called the Swine flu and
  Mexican flu. Or has it? As of May
  cases are still being reported in the
  Caribbean and in Africa. What have
 we learned about this flu?


  2010 Paralympic Games
  Hot on the heels of the Vancouver
  Olympics and changing attitudes  

  A few weeks after the 2010 Olympic
  Games brought the attention of the
  world to Vancouver, thousands of
  Paralympic athletes were also in
  Vancouver's spotlight. Did these
  games and the beautiful setting
  help change 'disabling' attitudes?

 The Fight of Disabled Vets
 Despite coming home from a war
 with a disability, the battle isn't won

  How would you feel if, after serving
  your country in the military and
  coming back from a war with a
  disability, you were denied the
  very benefits that are supposed to
  help you survive? Learn how vets
  are fighting this ongoing battle.