With over 174 million domain names registered around the world, no wonder it's often said that the best domain names have all been taken.

The same conclusion is quickly being drawn for other top level 'tld's' such as .net, .org, .TV and many country-specific domains. Just when you think you've found the perfect branding tool for your company, you discover the .com domain has been taken, and is, more often than not, filled with a 'parking page' that is saturated with annoying ads, or is one that your competitors have grabbed first.

And with the total number of domain names is growing at a pace of around 45 per cent over the past two years, according to Verisign, it's becoming harder and harder to find a premium domain that stands out from the rest or specifically targets your market sector.

Many companies have resorted to coming up with nonsensical names that have no relevance to their products or services, and worse, no lasting recall or brand impact with customers. But now you can change all that with a single offer, and you can help The Laura And Wagner Foundation because part of the proceeds will be donated to support development of our ABLED Initiative.





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Whether your business is based in Curaçao, Europe, Canada, Great Britain, Latin America or the United States, chances are good you've got goods or services that move to or through this important gateway shipping and tourism destination in the southern Caribbean. One of the most effective tools in reaching consumers and trading partners is an effective domain name, and it's very rare that an opportunity comes along to acquire a premium .com domain that is country-specific, let alone, only 1 numeral or letter away from its main domain. Not to mention, an entire online portfolio that effectively shuts-out any potential for branding competition.

1Curaçao.com is that kind of opportunity. Whether you want to target island residents, other consumers in the Caribbean or Latin American regions, or any of the over half a million visitors to the island each year from North America, Latin America and Europe, who arrive via cruise ship or plane, you need to act now to ensure your chance to acquire the most valuable domains linked to Curaçao.

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1Curacao.com | 1Curacao.net | 1Curacao.org | 1Curacao.tv | 1Curacao.nl | 1Curacao.eu & more

Not only do you have a chance to acquire a premium domain name, but you also have an unprecedented opportunity to lock-in your branding and competitive advantage by acquiring the 1Curacao Domain Portfolio. You can protect and increase your ROI by eliminating the chance for your competitors to dilute your brand, and your traffic, if they register 1Curacao.net, 1Curacao.nl, or other variations.

Click here to learn more about bidding on this and other premium domains that will help to support the development of The Laura And Wagner Foundation's ABLED Initiative that will make technology more accessible for persons with sensory, physical and learning disabilities.